Business Branding Shoots


Personal branding photography is for the business owner who recognises the importance of being visible in your own marketing.


You might be perfectly capable of doing your own photography, except from the images that has you in them. Or, you might not even know where to start, but you feel you need to improve your visual presence throughout your marketing, social media and website. Personal branding photography, is all about creating images that speak the language of your brand, and show what you are all about. It is usually a mix of images of you and your products/services. It often evolves around showing who your are, what you do and why you do it. What is your message to your audience, and what kind of images can we create to support those messages?  

It is important to be genuine and demonstrate credibility, but we can do this in a relaxed and natural. Images of you, with your own products/services will look great and give your marketing a consistent look and feel - and because they are images of you, they will look genuine and your customers will relate!

How does it work?

The better we plan your shoot the more images you will get. A great place to start is Pinterest it is my favourite tool for planning your shoots. It’s such a great way to come up with new ideas, for the looks and feel you would like your photography to portray. I will then get you to shares your pinned board, it gives me a good idea of what sort of things you like, it’s invaluable to have a point of reference to ensure we get the right photos, creating something unique using Pinterest as inspiration!

I will charge a session retainer at the time of booking to secure your date. This will be deducted from your final invoice, which I will issue when your images are ready for you.

We can do a zoom call or meet for a coffee (if possible) to bounce ideas for your shoot and discuss your pinned board, and I will also send you a session guide with tips for what to wear etc.

You might just need a quick head shot session in the studio, or you might be after a bigger shoot where you will come away lots of content for social media, your wesbite etc with images of you, as well as styled product images – your choice entirely, we can have a chat if you are unsure!



As a business owner, I appreciate the amount of content we need for social media alone! I completely understand the challenge of time for content creation, and I know how valuable it is when you have a bank of images ready to use, the relief of knowing you have the next months content scheduled, that feeling is just .. bliss!

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.


Brand Photography Rates

 Show who you are and what you do

Where you are and where you work, I come to you at your location

Outfit changes

Broad gallery of images

Can include styled product images

Perfect for social media content, website, marketing materials

£295  for two hours

 £495 for half day

 £850  for full day

If you are more than 20miles from Ruskington, I charge 40p mileage, and you will need to book a minimum of two hours.

The prices include the actual photography, post production, digital files ready to use and image usage licence.