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Tell your story? 

Time flies. It might be a cliché but like most clichés, it’s true. Children grow up as do our beloved animals, in the blink of an eye. The year's speed by. Life moves on, but with a lasting record of your journey through the years, you’ll always have happy memories to look back on while enjoying the next stage of your life. A child’s mischievous grin, a grandparent’s silly sense of humour, or a rare moment of calm between siblings, the unconditional love for your animals. These are the times you’ll never want to forget. But so often we forget to document every day; waiting instead for the big events or perfect moments. But when you look back in years to come, it’s the everyday moments you’ll want to remember. 



My role as your photographer is to capture those moments that can not only be seen but can be felt too. My relaxed and sympathetic approach allows me to record memories that you can treasure for years to come. Each shoot is unique just as is every relationship.   

My shooting style is super relaxed, but I'll always be on hand to offer you direction and plenty of posing advice. I know that having your photo taken isn't always the most enjoyable experience, but we'll have a laugh along the way and capture some beautiful images.  


Favourite People, Favourite Animals, Favourite Place 

I love taking pictures of people relaxing at home or enjoying the great outdoors in your favourite locations. With the beauty of natural light and my documentary-style images; my photos tell your own unique story, creating a collection of images that will last for generations.  

I know many people are nervous about having their picture taken, but I make every photoshoot informal and fun, so you’ll quickly relax, I promise! 

My clients always comment on how much they enjoy the day and they’re amazed when they view the final results and see how great they look. But of course, the secret is simply that as a professional photographer, I can capture the split-second moment when everything comes together to create that amazing image.  

Whether it’s on your own, with loved ones, or with your pets; anything goes. So, if you’d like to capture those special moments to look back on in the future, get in touch and we can chat through your ideas. 


What To Expect  

I will join you at home, the yard, or your favourite location to be with your horse, family, or to take your dog for a walk to capture you all in a setting that you are familiar with and is special to you.  

I will arrive at the location of your choice at the agreed time and I will introduce myself to you and the other people and/or animals. We will spend the first 5-10 minutes chatting and getting to know everyone and to find out if you have any particular shots in mind.  

Everyone (including animals) taking part in the shoot should be clean and pampered before my arrival. Upon arrival, I will have a little look around the surroundings to consider the backgrounds and where best to begin.  

Different outfits are recommended to add variation to the photoshoot; find something that you are comfortable wearing. If you want help deciding what to wear, feel free to drop me a message. Bring along more than you need to and I'll help you put an outfit together! This includes your animals, it might be different tack for your horse, a favourite rug. Your dog may also have a full wardroom, bed, or a special toy.


on’t stress 

 When you book a photoshoot session with us, although we do try to stick to the time frame somethings take a little longer to capture the perfect images of you and your horse/dog and family. It’s a wise idea to come with a free schedule. Otherwise, don’t worry about how much time you have left with us. We’re there till the end.. 

Relax - then everyone will too 

 We all know that animals are emotionally sensitive. If you feel tense or get stressed, they pick up on it. There’ no picture limit or strict time demands, so relax. If you or your animals are antsy, we can take the time to relax and ease back into it. Ultimately we work around them and let them call the shots.  

Treats are a must 

 There are few things to get every animal in a cooperative mood like a treat. It’s a special day for everyone, so an extra treat can be just the thing to get them in a good mood for the shoot. Feel free to bring along their favourites 

Feel free to bring the family 

 Your relationship with every family member (2 & 4 legged) is unique but they may also have a special place in the heart of your other family members. Feel free to bring them 

Enjoy it  

Most of our clients love having photos taken that immortalize one of the most important bonds in their life. There’s no pressure from your photographer to take just the one right photo. Enjoy it, go with the flow, your happiness will make every shot all the better. Each photoshoot will evolve and flow very organically and often led by the animals. Your photoshoot with your horse can be a fun, memorable time worth cherishing forever. It’s a celebration of your relationship with your beloved animal and the bond you’ve built through the years.


Gift Vouchers  

Gift vouchers can be tailor-made to produce the perfect package for you to gift to a loved one, or for the specific shoot you can see listed here. Packages can include the shoot, a selection of prints, canvases, and other options.  

A gift voucher is the most perfect, thoughtful gift. A photoshoot is truly timeless! The images will capture lasting memories that will be proudly displayed forever. A specific date, such as a Birthday, can be chosen when purchasing a voucher, or it can be left to the recipient to decide - the vouchers are valid for one year.* 

Printed with a blank space for you to add your message. Each one will come gift-wrapped ready to brighten up someone's special day.