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Photography Sessions

At Longotano Photography Studio, we focus on highlighting the relationship between horse and rider through our professional equine photography sessions.


Equine Photoshoots

Our equine photoshoots are designed to capture the horse's personality, Freezing a moment in time, whilst time itself moves on and the moment disappears. Giving you that piece of mind, that your equine portraits truly reflect who they are and your relationships is captured  forever.

Our services are a chance to treat you and your horse to a special photography session experience. From a personalised natural light environmental photoshoot to a studio booked shoot, we are able to cater for various budgets and occasions. Discover your date here.

What to expect at a Longotano Equine Photo Session

In our sessions, it is our role to capture those moments that can not only be seen but felt too. With over 30 years experience in the Equine industry, we know horses  inside, and out.,  Not only that, but we will be on hand to offer you photography direction and plenty of posing advice throughout the whole process.

Each shoot is unique just as is every horse and your relationship with them is. However, our process is simple, and our aim is for it to be one full of laughter . From introductions to setting up the locations, and those final fun shots, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

Location Portrait shoot

Private shoots are the perfect opportunity to get photos of you and your equine friend in your favourite places. Using the stunning backdrops from your chosen location, we can craft a unique and special collection of horse photos to treasure forever.


Equine Studio Sessions 

Our studio shoots are great for those wanting to capture their special relationship, who may not have access to a perfect location. This service takes all the pressure off you, allowing you to just enjoy the session.

I will bring my portable battery operated set up that will turn any indoor school or barn into an equine photography studio. With full creative control over the lighting to perfectly highlight each horse’s beauty. I bring 3 backdrops with me to compliment any horse. They are simply secured with sandbags and grip clips depending on the venue. With the portable lighting I can move the light to each back drop so we can create different looks to each photo, giving a great variety to the end results.


Details of Your Equine Photoshoot

  • Shoots can either take place at your home, the yard, or your favourite location to be with your horse. If you’re unsure about the suitability, send us a message.
  • On the day of the shoot, the first 5-10 minutes will be used to get to know everyone and plan any particular shots you have in mind.
  • Everyone (including animals) taking part in the shoot should be clean and pampered before the session begins.
  • A quick survey of the area and background will need to take place before the session can begin.
  • Different outfits are recommended to add variation to the photoshoot. Comfortable is ideal, for both humans and horses.


5 Equine Photography Session Tips

Don’t stress

When booking a photoshoot session with us, don’t stress if things are taking a little longer than expected. Also, we recommend keeping your day after the session free, so we can ensure to secure the perfect images of you and your horse.


We all know that animals are emotionally sensitive. If you feel tense or get stressed, they will pick up on it. There's no picture limit or strict time demands, so if we need to, we can take the time out and ease back into it.

Treats are a must

We all know there is one thing to get every animal in a cooperative mood, and that’s a treat. It’s a special day for everyone, so some extra treats can be just the thing to get them in a good mood for the shoot. Feel free to bring along their favourites.

Bring the family

Your relationship with every family member (two & four-legged) is unique, if you would like to we would love to welcome your family also.

Enjoy it

Make sure to enjoy it. Go with the flow, your happiness will make every shot all the better. Your job is to have fun, ours is to capture that. If you put your trust in us, it can become a true celebration of the relationship you’ve built with your horse. 


You know that wall space you’ve got? You know, that big empty wall in the dining room just begging to be filled? Annoying, isn’t it?

What better way to fill it than with a stunning image of your horses, dogs or whole family? And not just to hide the hole and the edge shadows.

 You just know it’ll be a glorious conversation piece. But first, there’s a process to follow.


Step 1


Once you’ve decided, we need to get your deposit paid to secure your date and start to prepare your session. My portfolio is a good place to start choosing the type of photos and poses you like

Step 2


I show up, sniff around, and find (or make) great locations. If you have booked a studio session I will need you to show me the space and I will set up. You can change outfits. So can your horse or dog. Swap if you like. I shoot in a relaxed and natural format. I just mean that I document your relationship with your horse. Sort of ‘day in the life’, reportage style. So we keep it real, work around you and your animals to make it a great , fun memorable experience. The more relaxed everyone is the better the results. I know if it were me booking a session, these are the kind of memories I’d cherish forever. And I know as a photographer, I can get really immersed in my subject and feel your relationship. Deep, eh?

If it is a studio session I will set up my battery operated light and backdrop to turn the indoor school or barn into an equine photography studio. Ready to bring your horse in to acclimatise them to the slightly unusual situation. My approach is slow, calm, and quiet. I have lots of trick up my selves to get your horses attention and looking just where we want them, but an extra pair of hands is always helpful!


Step 3


We book a viewing date for two/three weeks later. Where I will invite you round to my little garden studio to show you a full slide show of your image.

I go home, have a glass of something, then edit furiously. I usually post a couple of sneak peaks on my Facebook page usually because I cannot resist and to give you a taste of what's to come!

The date will then arrive for you viewing. I will show you all of your finished images on a slideshow and then you choose the images you love most to put in your favourites folder. From there you choose how you want to display them and with my assistance we reach you final choice. If your package already includes products, then we select the photos for this. Please feel free to bring family and friends to this viewing. Cake may also be on the cards to help with the choosing process!

I will then upload all of your images onto your own private gallery on my website, send you the link and password so that you can look at them over and over again. As well as share with family and friends! I will also complete the order for your chosen products and hand deliver or post them to you as soon as possible